A good home inspection doesn't cost...it pays. This is true if you are the buyer and it is also true if you are the seller. Contact me so we can talk in detail about what you can expect to learn by having me inspect your home.



If you are the Seller...

There are advantages to having a pre-inspection done before listing your home for sale. With the information from the inspection you, the seller, can decide if you want to make any repairs prior to listing your home. You also have the option of making the inspection available to potential buyers making your home stand out from other homes listed. Many buyers will forego an inspection if one has already been done.


If you are the Realtor...

Realtors sometimes feel they are caught in the middle...between the Seller and the Buyer

According to a Realtor's survey, 84% of buyers request a home inspection as part of the purchase contract. Should your seller decide to have a pre-inspection done, many feel it is less likely that the buyer will try to renegotiate the offer after their own inspection. With a pre-inspection everyone starts the negotiation process in the same place.

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  • Yes...we have access to Supra eKey
  • Yes...we do Radon Inspections
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If you are the Buyer...

Everyone talks about a home being the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Few talk about the potential risks or liabilities that you might take on in the purchase of your home. My inspection offers you an objective evaluation of the condition and liabilities of the home you hope to purchase. My reports are very thorough and document the inspection with pictures throughout the process. With 100 to 150 pictures and illustrations per report I give you the ability to "walk someone through the inspection" that was unable to be present during the actual inspection.

My reports give you access to over 3300 Reference Articles relating to your inspection.

I include a free RecallChek for the home's major appliances...for your safety.

You are always welcome to accompany me for all or just part of your inspection. I offer information about the different systems in your home and also the maintenance of those systems.