Always the techie...

Houses and construction have always been a love of mine. With 35 years in the construction business I have been in too many homes to count. Over the years I was responsible for finding both the problem and the solution for problems in the trades. I have always been very detailed in all that I do and my Home Inspection business is no exception. I have built and remodeled eight homes and continue to love that part of my life. 

The name "Around the Clock Home Inspections" was born out of my observations of the Home Inspection Industry. Many inspectors will give you an inspection option of morning or afternoon Monday through Friday. I wanted my company to reflect my strong belief in customer service. I will do an inspection at your convenience...not mine. Some of my customers have difficulty getting away from work during the day and for them a night or weekend inspection makes more sense. 

I am the owner and the inspector.  You know who and what to expect when you hire Around the Clock Home Inspections.

I live and operate my business out of our home in Independence, Minnesota.